photographer camera strap
just take pictures

Vegan leather photo envelopes. Handmade.

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camera strap for all cameras
camera strap for women

I improve the comfort of taking photos
by creating comfortable camera straps and photo accessories for women

See what I have prepared for you!

Customize your camera strap

A bit of love that I receive for my work
– that is, comments

“Very happy with this beautiful camera strap! Arrived quickly and wrapped up as a beautiful gift. The strap looks exactly as shown in the photos and the fabric feels incredibly nice and soft. It’s actually more comfortable to wear than my camera’s original strap, because of how soft it is “


“Fantastic quality fabric and sewing. The fabric is extremely soft and firm. Only good materials, this strap is just a jewel for your camera. Clearly crafted and shipped with care and love.”


“The camera strap is sooooo cute! I love it and put it on my camera immediately. The strap is thick and soft. I am especially excited about the lease cap holder! It’s going to make it so easy when taking pictures and traveling!.”


Hi, my name is Magdalena.
I design and sew photo accessories for women.
I love female potential, a sense of aesthetics and sensitivity expressed in photographs.
Through my work, I want to support the photography passions of my clients.


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