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I improve the comfort of taking photos by creating comfortable photo accessories for women, so you can just take pictures.

Wanna know more about me?

I have picked 6 various facts about me from the private and business spheres
that will allow you to get to know me better. See my list :

1. I am not a photographer, but I love the emotions that flow from photos.
This is a wonderful form of communication for me.
No unnecessary words, but still the message is clear.
2. I made the first camera strap for myself 😉
One day, after several minutes that I spent taking pictures, the belt provided by the manufacturer of my camera began to piss me off. It started to stick to my neck. And I came to the conclusion that it is too thin in relation to the weight of the camera with the lens. That day I sat down at the sewing machine and then magic has began.
3. I come from Poland, I have lived in three different cities. I have been living in Germany for several years now. Here I also had already one move from Bavaria to Brandenburg.
And I am sure that this is not the last goal of my life journey.
4. I am an introvert.
No! It doesn’t mean I don’t like people. And no! It doesn’t mean I’m afraid of people.
I like getting to know people, and dive into a relationship with another person.
I feel the world, people and everything that surrounds me very deeply and intensely, so I often need time for reflections in solitude.
5. As a young girl, I always wanted to be a detective.
Discovering new facts, analyzing them and solving puzzles, these are the things that will never stop turning me on.
6. For as long as I can remember I have been delighted with the work of human hands and  what creations are possible using them.
That’s why I became a craftsman myself. I love learning new craft techniques such as embroidery and weaving. So far, I have excelled in designing and sewing on a sewing machine. Would you like to see what I have prepared for you? Then jump right in HERE.

This may be your favorite camera strap!

I have neck camera straps since 2019. During this time, I have listened carefully to your comments. I was correcting my project. I created the possibility to choose the length of the straps. I have enriched my offer with beautiful elements for attaching straps.

Listening to the opinions, analyzing your needs, searching for the best fabrics and accessories, I have created probably the best offer of camera straps for women.
And these are some of the features that distinguish them ->


High quality materials

All fabrics and accessories that I use are made in Europe (mainly in Germany).
I choose fabrics that come from proven sources. From companies that respect human work and care for the environment.



Only vegan materials

I use vegan leather to make my products. It is a great plant alternative to natural leather. Equally strong and durable. Its big advantage is that it can be washed and wet cleaned.


Softness and comfort.

I design camera straps with women in mind. I make sure that they are gentle to our skin, and at the same time durable and comfortable. Camera straps of my design perfectly distribute the weight of the camera.



You can custom your camera strap

You can freely choose the length of the strap. I also offer engraving of any selected graphic elements, including your logo.

See what I have prepared for you:


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