Case for memory cards


Made of velvet and vegan leather.

A custom made handcrafted vegan SD/CF memory card holder.
The SD/CF case can accommodate up to 3 SD cards and up to 2 CF cards (a pocket in the middle, do not fit CF cards).
The case can be closed safely with its two snap studs.

It’s a durable and stylish solution to keep your SD/CF cards safe and organized.

It’s a durable and stylish solution to keep your SD/CF cards safe and organized.

Product details:
• Minimalist design and lightweight, easy to put in your bag or pocket
• Dimensions: 13,5 cm x 8 cm (13,5 cm x 15 cm when the case is opened)
• It’s also possible to use this case for your Nintendo Switch game cards
• My MAGMA logo will be engraved at the back of the product.

To make this memory card holder as unique as possible you can personalize it with your own name, your companz name, your initials as well as your logo or any graphic element you want.
If you would like to receive a personalized pocket, please include this information in the order comments. If I do not have a note in the order comment, I will send the pocket without personalization.

If you want to engrave a logo, please first send me the file for approval to the e-mail address:, as not all designs are suitable for engraving. After acceptance and placing the order, you will receive a photo of the engraving sample for approval.
The logo should be sent in a file in .png or .svg format. Take care of the high quality of the file.
If you want to include an inscription or initials, enter the text in the comment. After placing the order, you will receive from me a graphic file with your inscription in several different fonts to choose from.

/Remember that personalized products cannot be returned, therefore if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me./
/Cards and other equipment included in the photos and video do not constitute an offer for sale, they are only used to present the product. You buy only one piece of pocket in selected color/
/The colors may differ slightly from the actual ones shown in the photos due to the different settings of the monitors./


Brown, Brown + engraving, Green, Grey, Beige


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