Sling camera strap in 3 black and white prints


The camera strap is handmade in a small workshop in Brandenburg. The camera strap is made of soft velvet fabric and vegan leather.

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Sling Camera Strap

Introducing the exquisite Sling Camera Strap, a must-have accessory for female photographers seeking both style and functionality. Meticulously crafted in a small workshop nestled in the picturesque region of Brandenburg, this strap is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that goes into its creation.
The Sling Camera Strap is skillfully handcrafted using a combination of premium materials, including velour and vegan leather of German production. The choice of materials not only ensures a luxurious feel but also reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The velour provides a soft and comfortable touch against the skin, while the vegan leather adds an element of sophistication and durability.
Designed specifically with female photographers in mind, this sling camera strap strikes the perfect balance between fashion and practicality. The strap effortlessly combines elegance with ergonomic functionality, making it an ideal choice for extended photo shoots or everyday use.
The adjustable length of the sling camera strap allows for a personalized fit, ensuring optimal comfort and weight distribution. Whether you’re shooting in a bustling city or exploring remote landscapes, the strap securely holds your camera, providing peace of mind and freedom of movement.
Elevate your photography experience and express your unique style with the MAGMA Sling Camera Strap — a fusion of premium materials, and thoughtful design that caters specifically to the needs of female photographers.

In addition to the strap, you can buy one of the 2 pockets for the lens cap. Pockets are available in two variants:
– for caps with a diameter of up to 67 mm
– for caps with a diameter of up to 77 mm

I offer camera strap attachment tips in two sizes:
-M – recommended for taller or heavier persons

The straps are additionally equipped with a securing tape. The breaking weight for the rings is 30 kg (given by the manufacturer of the rings), the breaking weight for the carabiner* is 140 kg (given by the manufacturer).
*the carabiners used for these straps from 09/2023 look slightly different from those in the attached photos.

Please consider shopping carefully and follow the package after receiving the package number. In the event of failure to collect the parcel and return it to the seller, the Customer pays for the shipment again, if this does not happen, the amount for the purchased item will be refunded. In the event of a return or replacement, the Customer pays the shipping costs.

The camera, lens cap, lens filter, memory card and camera strap, shown is not part of the offer. It is only used for decorative purposes.


Leo, Zebra, Houndstooth

Elements for attaching the camera

M, S


camera strap only, camera strap with pocket 67mm, camera strap with pocket 77mm


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