Sling camera strap


A beautiful and feminine sling camera strap is made from soft velour textiles which are over-sewn on a strong band. Thanks to it the strap does not deform itself, but at the same time it is very nice to the touch of skin and wide enough to make a very good weight distribution around the neck and shoulders, so you don’t feel discomfort after long wearing time.

Lens cap holder (+€19,00)
Battery pocket (+€19,00)
You will receive the selected pocket in the color selected above for vegan leather.
If you want to add a short gift note, include it in the comment to the order

Sling camera strap

Comfortable camera strap? Additionally tailored to your needs? This is no longer a surreal vision straight from Tim Walker’s photography.

I created a very soft, yet strong and durable camera strap. It will take the strain off your back from wearing even heavy D-SLRs while making your look complete both for photo shootings and for everyday wear.

The sling camera strap consists of the following parts:
– adjustable strap made of velour, 4 cm wide. The maximum circumference is 120 cm,
– the movable part of the strap, 3 cm wide, ends on one side with a carabiner, which you attach to the shoulder strap, on the other side with a screw for mounting the camera.
You have a choice of two lengths of this element, the longer one is 21 cm, the shorter one is 15 cm
– each strap is equipped with an additional safety strap

You can choose a strap with a lens cap holder:
Internal dimensions: 7.8 cm x 8 cm (+/- 2 mm)
External dimensions: 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm (+/- 2 mm)
The lens cap holder fits all 4 cm wide belts.
The holder is made of strong vegan leather (waterproof paper), the inner material is soft velour.
In addition, it is equipped with two pockets for additional memory cards.
Suitable of lens cap up to 62 mm in diameter.

You can choose a strap with a battery holder:
Internal dimensions: 7 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm (+/- 2 mm)
External dimensions: 9 cm x 8.5 cm (+/- 2 mm)
The lens cap holder fits all 4 cm wide belts.
The holder is made of strong vegan leather and soft velour.
Suitable of lens cap up to 72 mm in diameter too.

The sling camera strap can be cleaned with warm water and soap or mild washing powder.

Color of vegan leather

brown, green, grey


M, S


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